About Gylle Mec

By focusing on position and sidemarking lights with rubber arms we are leading the development in these product area.

Since long we have well-established purchasing channels with technical and quality prominent manufacturers outside Sweden. This combined with that we can buy in large volumes gives us a good prices for our customers benefits. We produce diodes since 1999, and complements and replaces the traditional bulbs.


Gylle Mec was founded as early as 1946.

Since then, we have produced a wide range of products, but always been aiming at vehicle manufacturers of various kinds. From signal lamps and light switches, we already in the 1960s headed our business towards today’s products.

The Market

We are a leading manufacturer of position- and sidemarkerlights on rubber foundation.

Our products are intended primarily for trucks, tractors, forestry equipment and similar vehicles.

With our extensive experience and our close contact with the market, we manufacture products that meet our customer needs and requirements. Since we perform the main part of the product development in house, we can ensure quality of the very best. Among others, we have developed an enclosure that is both water-and dustproof and match IP 67.

Our Focus

Our focus is on maintaining our market leading position.

We can truly say that we know our business. We listen to our customers and tailor our products to their needs and requirements. We also have near contacts with our suppliers and designers and therefore often lead the development, both concerning new material and design.

Diode quality

Some of our diodes prized properties are their long life and low power consumption.

The life of a diode is considerably longer than for a conventional lamp. This reduces the need for lamp replacement and cable runs. Today’s LEDs only require 2.4 watts in total, compared to 10W for a light bulb.

A life time calculation including everything; the lamp, the diode, lifetime, cost and time to replace, etc. therefore by far comes out to the diodes advantage. As being one of the large buyer we get good deals with our suppliers. Our close cooperation with our manufacturers and designers gives us an edge against our competitors, which constantly benefits our clients

Manufactoring and assembly

Production and assembly is taking place both in our own workshops in Borlänge and in factories abroad that meet our high standards of production.

In order to further ensure our high quality, all final assembly, inspection and control is done in Sweden. Included in the final assembly is an advanced industrial robot, which guarantees the consistency of our high quality.

E-Marked Products

Gylle Mec was one of the first companies in the world to get there white LEDs E-marked, which is a demand for factory mounting on vehicles.

This proves that our effor to always keep our produces at the cutting edge pays of. Our tail-lights, as well as our red and orange LED lights, are E-marked.